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Niclas Svensson at SS Service Partner AB from Sunne, Sweden writes.

For decades, we had the opportunity to work with ME Racing Service AB as a supplier of materials to our chassis.
ME Racing has become a concept in the Swedish racing world and for us it means good knowledge, personal service, fast delivery, and not at least a large stock of 4130 and now also the Docol Tube R8.

It has been interesting to follow their passion to drive the sport to the next level.

Over the years, we have seen new types of wheeliebars, sway bar, etc., emerge and refined.

And, who could think that we would see the development of Docol Tube R8 come from the small company at Svetsgränd 10 in Borlänge?

We have worked a lot with 4130 before, but now that we have become used to the benefits of R8, we do not change back.

The advantages we notice in "daily use" are first and foremost that the tubes have constant thickness, which means that you do not have to overdo it at eg. bending.
In welding, the difference is noted at pointing when it does not burst in the heat effected zone.

Here's a small description of our latest projects in Docol Tube R8:


Opel Cadet C:

The car is built for Protrim in Norway, which has the special character of building power full Opel motors.

This car was originally built with smallblock Chevy with twin turbo, and approved for the street in Norway.

The car has a SFI 25:1 G chassis and will run in the competition class in drag racing with 2 liters Opel engine. The guys have made their own billet block that will be used in the future ... a bit secret, but it will be interesting to follow.

Alfa GTV:

The car is built for Micke Wiklund Stockholm.

He has many years of experience in circuit racing and many trophies, so this will be very interesting to follow.
The chassis is of course built in DOCOL TUBE R8, according to the regulations that make it possible to classify into "racing" in track racing.
The engine will be a V6 from the Alfa, a carbureted motor with 450hp, and a Tractive gearbox. The suspension system contains everything from Corvette, öÖlins, Sellholm to BMW M5 ...

This may go really fast :)


Volvo P1800, "the saint"

We got the honor to help Sören Andreasson build a new car for him after the tragic crash at Tierp, probably a fuel hose shot off, and he crashed brutally over the finish line.

We build the chassis and Sören and the guys build a new body.

This will be a car worth watching when I know it will be a motor in which the world has not seen before ..
Sören is running Hedeka's mechanics and the detail work on the last car was at least said top class.

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