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Shane Carey at PCD Race Cars from Springdale, Arkansas. USA writes.

The cars we built are for circle track racing on dirt. We're in a pretty good growth phase right now. This year we are on pace to build 12-14 cars. We want to increase that number up to the 20-25 range over the next year. Our goal is to build 25 cars per year that are stronger, safer, and of course faster than our competitors.

Most of our competitors build cars out of whatever Chinese or Indian 1020 DOM they can buy at the lowest price. They MIGHT wipe the oil off of it, then they just weld it hot and fast and get onto the next chassis. Their tolerances are usually around 1/4" whereas we are more in the 1/32" on our stuff.

We like to use docol tubing for a few reasons:
• strength and durability
• consistency
• ease of preparation
• tolerance of different welding processes (we'd love to tig everything, but that isn't always an option)

We never were ok with welding DOM tubing without removing oils and cleaning welded areas with abrasives during fit-up. With Docol tubing we pay more for the tubing, but have lower labor costs, and a superior product. So, it's been our preferred material over the last 14-16 months. Purchased from AED Motorsport Products. 


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