Eric Carlsson


 Eric Carlson from Falun, Sweden writes.


Here's my contribution to the Docol Tube R8 Prize 2017.
I compete in Drifting in Sweden, and that requires quite a lot of tire changes and I don't have a tire changer.
So I designed and built this trailer for my go-cart that we use to get around in the pit area, so my team and I would be able to haul tires to and from the tire changer machine that the track provides.

I bought the tubes at ME Racing Service AB, they bent and notched them after my specifications and all I had to do was drill a few holes, make some fittings and weld everything together.

The reason I choose to use Docol Tube R8 was because I wanted it to be light weight and still be able to handle some weight since I figured that tires weren't the only thing that was going to me on the trailer.

I also use some Docol Tube R8 in my drifting car.

We have a Facebook page that's called Eric Carlson Drifting.

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