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Neal Griffen at Griffen Fab Works from Byron Center, Michigan. USA writers.

We used 2”, .120 wall R8 tube in this whole build.
The product was purchased from AED motorsport products and shipped up to us. The whole chassis is TIG welded.

Few specs on the truck:
-1979 F250 crew cab luxury prerunner
-26” front wheel travel
-36” rear travel
-39” tire
-Center mount front A arm suspension
-4 link rear suspension
-Luxury off road prerunner truck
-Has working heat and AC
-Was at SEMA in 2016 in the King shock booth

My company is Griffen Fab Works, this truck has given us tons of recognition with almost 8 million people viewing it the week of SEMA according to facebook polls.

We where so blown away by the Docol Tube R8 and its properties and how nice it is to work with, the next truck we are building for SEMA, which is a 80’s chevy crew cab luxury prerunner, is using all 2” just like the last!

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