Opening hours:

Monday - Thursday 7:00-16:00
Friday and before holiday 7:00-11:45
Brekfast 9:00-9:30
Lunch 11:45-12:30

We have CET - Central European Time.

2020-03-19Race season 2019

20190917_163838.jpg We have an uncertain time ahead of us thanks to this Coronavirus. What will happen to families, work and race season ahead. We look back to the 2019 season, where we finished strong and we look forward to a new race season. So we hope that this will soon be over. Please take a look at o... Read more »
ME Racing Service AB

Svetsgränd 10

781 72 Borlänge


Phone:  +46 (0)243 100 66

Fax:  +46 (0)243 211 412



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