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This is Erik Nilsson från KTH Formula Student Stockholm, Sweden.

We have been sponsored with Docol Tube R8 from ME Racing Service AB for our three latest cars eV12, eV13 and eV14.

Attached are the competition pictures (see gallery), and below are a bit more details.

1. "eV14_2" is a rendering of our new car the eV14 that we are aiming to compete with in Germany in 2018 both in electric class and also driverless class.
2. "eV14_1" is from a simulation program showing the in depth design used from both of the cars and now applied for our latest car the eV14.
3. "eV13_2" is from the manufacturing phase of our latest car, TIG welding the whole chassis using a in house designed manufacturing JIG made by steel plates.
4. "eV13_1" is from our second car manufactured with Docol Tube R8. This is from the competition in Silverstone summer of 2017.
5. "eV12_2" is taken during the competition in Italy 2016.
6. "eV12_1" This car was designed and manufactured for the Formula Student competition in Italy summer of 2016.

We used Docol Tube R8:
25,4 x 2,41mm
25,4 x 1,65mm
25,4 x 1,24mm
15,88 x 1,24mm
15,88 x 0,89mm

Docol R8 tubing gives us a headstart in our competition. We set the steel properties from day one when we start the new design of a chassis and the choice has been a no brainer for us. The R8 tubes are high end and makes manufacturing easy for us and ensuring that we reach the desired properties and tolerances of our racecar.


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