Erik Soderstrom


I am Erik Soderstrom from Davenport, Iowa, USA.

I built a fatbike using SSAB Docol Tube R8 for the frame and fork tubes. Current tire size is 26 inches (660 mm) diameter and 4.7 inches (120 mm) wide. There is plenty of room for bigger tires. Goes great in sand, mud and snow!

Tubes were different diameters and thicknesses, including:
1.375” x 0.049” (34.9 mm x 1.24 mm)
1.250” x 0.049” (31.8 mm x 1.24 mm)
0.750” x 0.049” (19.1 mm x 1.24 mm)
1.125” x 0.065” (28.6 mm x 1.65 mm)

The frame was TIG welded using 0.035” (0.90 mm) Weld Mold 880t filler metal. The cable guides and bottle mounts were brazed using Safety-Silv 56.

I chose the R8 tubes because they are easy to cut, notch, form, machine and weld.

I purchased the Docol Tube R8 through AED Motorsport Products.

I am still making some final modifications for more water bottle mounts, cable guides, fenders and rack mounts. Once complete, it will be powdercoated.

Ride on!

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