Peter Haglund


Peter Haglund from Vålberg, Sweden.

This is my build with Docol Tube R8.

The car is a Pontiac Firebird 1974.
I have owned the car for almost 30 years and now my dream build will finally be like in my dreams.
The car has got an SFI 25: 5 chassis built in Docol Tube R8. When I planned the chassis construction, I realized that the cost of building with the best tubes on the market, and having a light and safe chassis, was clearly affordable. The fact that the tubes were also made in Sweden made the selection even easier. The tubes was purchased from ME Racing Service AB.

The car will be built completely in sheet with all the features the car has from the beginning, ie. wiper, full interior, all lighting etc.
The car will not be a full race car, but one more like a fast pro street that can also be driven a little on the street.

The engine is a Pontiac engine with only aftermarket parts. Supercharger and EFI.

The gearbox is a 4-speed Lenco with a Bruno Drive and a Hurst lever.

Image 1.
The build of a new floor.

Image 2.
Test fit of the transmission.

Image 3.
The SFI tag in Place.

Image 4.
Test fit of the dash board.

Image 5.
A friend of my is ”the Welder”.

Image 6.
A lot of tubes.

Image 7.
First time on the ground with the new chassi to check ride hight.

Image 8.
The main hop is in place.

Image 9.
Look how nice they bend.

Image 10.
Test fit of the new position of the subframe (3” higher in the car) and Engine location.

Image 11.
The old Cage in mild steel was only a 8.5s so I put the car on a jig and cut it out.

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