Fury Camaro Racing Team


My name is Oliver Zsakai / Fury Camaro Racing Team from Budapest, Hungary.

This is the first time I decided to use Docol Tube R8 material for a chassis build. I puchased it on a very easy way from ME Racing Service AB in Sweden.

This will be a 25.1 chassis for a 70.5 Chevy Camaro (Cinergy/Velocity body) with a slightly enlarged driver’s compartment (our driver is real giant). We are almost ready with the chassis, small details are only left.
We would like to finish it this year with the suspension tabs and 4link brackets and ship to the new owner rolling, who will make the detail works and race with a blown meth chevy engine next year as we hope.

It was really exciting to work with these tubes, I enjoyed the strenght of the material compared with the fexibility of the built structure. This photo contest is a great idea – a chance to see how others work.


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