Mats & Ola Andersson


We are twinbrothers from Årsunda, Sweden and had this car for some 25 years now in different shapes but the main goal is dragracing.
In 2013 we took the decision to upgrade the chassi to SFI 25.1 to our Opel Kadett, and we have had our eyes on Docol Tube R8 for some time. ME Racing Service AB managed to get the tubes that we needed. The teardown started Sept. 2013 and the first race was in July 2014 with the new chassi that we have built ourself.

The car, Opel Kadett Caravan 1973 is all steel with the Kadett front end and a Ford 9" rear with 4link, dual 3.5" exhaust over the axle with a single 5" Flowmaster.
Chevy smallblock 408" with a ProCharger F1r with a blowthru carb running E85 and a Powerglide trans.

Best ET so far is 7.87-285km/h (177mph) on the quartermile.
We have ran on ice, flying kilometer with an average speed of 232km/h (144mph).
And also 323.15km/h (200.79mph) on standing OneMile.

The tubes are wonderful to work with, clean and easy to bend and weld!

This is what we know the first SFI 25.1 to be approved using Docol R8 tubes in the world (April 2014).

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