Mats and Martin at MBWAC


Martin at M Brag Welding and Construction from Lundsbrunn, Sweden writes.

This is Fast Freddys Pickup that we built in spring 2016. He placed his car at the beginning of February as we screwed apart and cut off the body. We built a brand new car with the old body on. In the new car he is sitting like in a normal car, in the previous one he had the same position as he would drive a tram car. We also made the body removable so it facilitates service. April 29th we had started and loaded and tested the test'n tune on the Malmö Raceway. So it was a rather humble build but we did not mess up with anything for it, rather the opposite. We put down a lot of love in detail that fits Freddys flames.

The first time we worked with Docol Tube R8, we soon became very spoiled and happy about the outcome. A clean and stylish material that is one of the prerequisites for a good end result.

We get the tubes through ME Racing Service AB.

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