Opening hours:

Monday - Thursday 7:00-16:00
Friday and before holiday 7:00-11:30
Brekfast 9:00-9:30
Lunch 11:45-12:30

We have CET - Central European Time.



In addition to our Swedish customers, we are also proud of our foreign customers.

This is some of our customers links. 

AED Motorsport Products (Metal Distributor, USA)

Andersen Racing aps (Top Fuel Dragracing Team, Denmark)

Anita & Tommi Mäkelä Racing ( Top Fuel Dragracing Team, Finland)

BARS Allrep (Chassie Shop & Dragracing Team, Sweden)

Best in Metalltechnik (Metal Shop, Germany)

Brovallen Design (STCC Team, Sweden)

Chalmers University of Technology (Formula Student, Sweden)

Chopper Works HE AB (Motorcycle Shop, Sweden)

CRP Enterprises (Chassie Shop, Sweden)

Emil Roth (Tractor Pulling Team, Sweden)

EKS Performance AB (Mattias Ekström Rallycross Team, Sweden)

Fat Attack Custom Bikes AG (Urs Erbacher Top Fuel Dragster, Switzerland)

Gunnarssons Motorport AB (Roller Cage Shop, Sweden)

Helmia Motorsport (Fam. Walfridsson Rally & Rallycross Team, Sweden

JRD Motorsports LLC (Automotive design and coach work, USA)

JTJ-Teknik AB (Metal Shop, Sweden)

KBT Safety AB (Roller Cage Shop, Sweden)

Kenneth Hansen Motorsport AB (Rallycross Team, Sweden)

Koenigsegg Automobile AB (Super Sport Car Manufaturer, Sweden)

Krister Adeéns (Competiton Dragracing Team, Sweden)

Kristoffersson Motorsport AB (Rallycross Team, Sweden)

Laxå Special Vehicles AB (Special Vehicles & Historic Rally Team, Sweden)

Leanders Bros AB (Top Methanol Funny Car Team, Sweden & Top Alcohol Funny Car Team, USA)

Lindberg Bros Motorsport AB (Top Methanol Funny Car Team, Sweden & Top Alcohol Funny Car Team, USA)

Linköping Universitet (Formula Student, Sweden)

Marklund Motorsport AB (Rallycross Team, Sweden)

MB Svets & Konstruktion (Mats Brag Chassie Shop, Sweden)

Michael Jernberg Motorsport (Rallycross Team, Sweden)

Micke Kågered Racing (Top Fuel Dragracing Team & V8 Thundercars Team, Sweden)

Monica Öberg Racing (Top Fuel Dragracing Team, Sweden)

Olsberg MSE AB (Rallycross Team, Sweden)

Persåkers Speed Shop (Speed Shop, Sweden)

Per Eklund Motorsport (Rallycross Team, Sweden)

Polestar Performance AB (STCC Team, Sweden & V8 Supercar Team, Australia)

Premium Performance OÜ (Autoshop, Estonia)

PS 110% AB (Petter Solbergs Rallycross Team, Sweden) 

Rally Produkter (Roller Cage Shop, Sweden)

Sjödin Motorsport HB (Chassie Shop and Dragracing Team, Sweden)

SS Service Partner AB (Chassis Shop, Sweden)

SSAB Americas (Swedish Steel in Amerika)

SSAB EMEA AB (Swedish Steel Europe)

Starkotter Racing (Leif Helander Fuel Funny Car Team, Sweden)

Svempas AB (Special Vehicles, Sweden)

Tractive AB (Motorsport Gearbox, Concrete Saw Manufacturer & Historic Rally Team, Sweden)

TSW Z.P.U.H. Ireneusz Wiech (Metal Shop, Poland)

UCC AB (Unique Custom Cycles, Sweden)

Unic AB (Motorsport Transmission Manufacturer, Sweden)

Volvo Cars (Car Manufaturer, Sweden)

Ydrefalk Motorsport (Rallycross Team, Sweden)

Zetterman Enginering  (Historic Racing Shop, Sweden)

Do you want to be on this list. Just tell us.

ME Racing Service AB

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781 72 Borlänge


Phone:  +46 (0)243 100 66

Fax:  +46 (0)243 211 412



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