Martin Lundqvist


Martin Lundqvist from Stockholm, Sweden writes.

Hi, here is my contribution for the Docol Tube R8 photo competition.

This is the second time I used the Docol Tube R8 tubes purchased from ME Racing Service AB / Sweden  and I will stay on the same track in the future.

I like to use the tubes for several reasons, first of all it has a great tension strength and as a bonus its really clean, light weight and it feels like it makes the tig welding so much easier then other common materials. I´m using the ER-80 filler rod.

The pictures show my own 1932 Ford  5 window Coupe , I had it done 2014 and I’ve been driving it a lot since then. It has even been shipped over to USA were we did a long road trip and attended some bigger car shows.

Next goal is to attend the Swedish Gasoline Street Week in the summer of 2018 . A similar event as Americas Drag Week.  5 different race  tracks in one week and you have to drive the car between the races.  That’s the reason why im putting a roll cage in the car .

Regards  Martin Lundqvist. / Sweden

instagram @martin_fabrication

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