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Christoffer Jansson at CRP Enterprises from Torsåker, Sweden writes.

The red Supra is a 8.50 chassis, for drag racing we built in Docol Tube R8, we also fitted brake shield and associated equipment for 8.5sek and 240kmh.

The gray / red Volvo is also an 8.5 car, delivered ready to customer according to the current SBF (Swedisch car federation) regulations!

The blue Volvon is a street car. The customer chose Docol Tube R8 instead for mild steel and we obviously helped to, approved by Swedish car exhaustion with 600hp 5cyl Volvo engine.

The naked chassis is a 25.1 chassis, with modular oem wheels suspension, delivered ready from us to 90% ink plating and body mounting, the customer did the last job himself. Europe's fastest skyline!

The fact that we work with Docol Tube R8 is partly for the stable availability of material, and solid knowledge at the supplier! It is Swedish, made us 100% to try the matrial, when we tested in 2014, we completely faced out 4130 crmo and today we only work in Docol Tube R8.


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