VentRacing from Ventspils, Latvia. Their Facebook page is

Artis Šenkevics writes, We build drag race car on the bases of existing Audi Carbon Destroyer (1400 hp) with personal record 8.46 sec/402 meters
No I personally built my dragster In order to reach 7 seconds. We realized to drop weight: planned up to 200 kg. One of the components – chasses and roll cage. No compromise, this is why we chosen Docol tube R8 with needed strength and possibility to loose with.

We purchased Docol tube R8 from ME Racing Service AB in 2015. Roll cage is already made in accordance to SFI Specifications 25.4A.

Roll cage is made in factory A/S “Dambis” (Latvia), suspension also from Docol R8 in “Reinsalu Sport” (Estonia). Now we have to install engine and other components.

Obviously it will be fastest drag race car in Latvia. Powered by Audi 2.2 turbo engine.

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