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CH Customs, from Rock Island, Illinois, USA. Facebook page Clausen Racing Engines.

Joseph Huston and Mike Clausen began building our own go karts in November of 2017 called CH Customs to add to the established business of Clausen Racing Engines.

The first kart we built was able to win 3 of 3 classes at an indoor race on coke syrup in its debut. Then throughout the summer development was then focused around the Midwest on dirt through local shows and the Midwest Maxxis Series.

The karts are built out of all Docol R8 tubing purchased through AED Metal Products and Supplies in Indianapolis. Each chassis is hand built, all joints are milled to a tight tolerance and finally completely TIG welded. Once the kart is assembled the customers are then brought in to finish final assembly and to scale the karts with them in race trim.

The reason we use Docol Tube R8 as opposed to any other material is its unsurpassed tolerance on OD and wall thickness. We do not get the variation of wall thickness throughout the stick of Docol Tube R8 that we have seen with other materials and manufacturing processes.

With having such a good handle on consistency with the Docol Tube R8 it makes the bends very repeatable. Not having millscale on the OD of the tubing also makes it a lot less time consuming when it comes to welding due to not having to grind the millscale off. And finally one of the best reasons we use the Docol R8 is do to the performance we see on the track. Consistency from kart to kart is great with this product.

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