Gunnar Rohed


Gunnar Rohed from Hallsberg, Sweden.

I use Docol Tube R8 to rebuild and prepare my Pre-65 trials bike. As we need to use bikes made before 1965 there is sometimes necessary to change some tubes depending on rust or the need to get space for a bigger rear tyre.

I use R8 because they are strong, light and easy too weld but perhaps first of all that they are available in inch. When I need to do a splice, that can be made invisible and neat. When the pipes have to fit to the cast parts its perfect with the inch tubes. The fact that I can replace with thin / lighter material and keep the strength is very good for the handling of the bike.

On this bike I change same parts of the frame to get a clean inside to use the frame as oil tank, a wider swing and a narrow rear sub frame. I do saved some kilo as well.

I buy from ME Racing Service AB Sweden.

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