Södervärns Motorsport


Södervärns Motorsport from Borås, Sweden

Our build is a 25.1G chassis that will drive in Sweden, the car is based on a Ford Mustang GT -07, we start in the pro Street class, where we feel comfortable and have spent a couple of years with the old 10.5 "car.

The engine is a blower injected CBB, letting a power glide.

The tubes are bought from Mats Brag.

The car is being built at Jonas Lahdenranta together with Kim Klesell and Stefan Andreasson.

Why we end up with Docol Tube R8 is because we have good contact with Mats Brag and is of course a Swedish alternative instead of crome molly.
In parallel with the car, a Modified Jr Dragster is also built in Docol Tube R8.

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