SDU Viking (Denmark)


At SDU-Vikings Racing Team strive to always be better. We are the formula student team from University of Southern Denmark and based in Odense. Our skilful team excels in sustainability efficiency. Working with a broad band of sponsors we always manage to find the best solution.

Formula Student is not all about building the fastest race car, but training the best, strongest and most innovative students, ready for a new sustainable tomorrow. Formula Student puts the students in a real world scenario, competing with more than 700 teams in the world to design, build and race the best race car in every aspect. If this is to succeed, all members must always push to be the best and that is what we do.

ME Racing Service AB

Svetsgränd 10

781 72 Borlänge


Phone:  +46 (0)243 100 66

Fax:  +46 (0)243 211 412



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