PG Racing Team (Poland)


The idea of ​​establishing the PGRacing Team was born in 2014. The first year we collected information about the professions, recruited new members. In this way, the first Formula Student team in the north of Poland was created. At the moment, the team consists of nearly 65 students of the Gdańsk University of Technology, and we have 6 cars on our account.

The PGRacing Team brings together people who share the same passion and bind their future to it. Building a car is primarily about new experiences, skills and developing work discipline while enjoying it at the same time. We must also not forget about the friendships we made, to which we will definitely return in the future!

ME Racing Service AB

Svetsgränd 10

781 72 Borlänge


Phone:  +46 (0)243 100 66

Fax:  +46 (0)243 211 412



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