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SFI Tour (English)


Those of you who are used to SFI re-certification know that we usually have a SFI Tour in the beginning of March.

With this situation in the world, there will not be a SFI Tour in Europe this year. But we will have an SFI re-certification at   ME Racing Service AB in Borlänge, Sweden. There will also be the opportunity to SFI re-certification in England. You will get information about that later on. The option to send to the manufacturers is also always available.

This year we want as many people as possible send their parts to us for inspection. Make sure you have a pallet or good wooden box where you send your parts in. What you sent the parts in, they are sent back in. Even broken boxes. Show that you care about your parts.

Join with friends and send together. You can also leave your parts on site. However, we want as few people as possible to come to our company during this pandemic. So feel free to send as much as possible.

We will not inspect anything when someone is waiting.

We prefer to see all the stuff on site the week before the inspection. Then we inspect for a week and send back or if you pick up the week after. If you have the opportunity, send with a return shipping note. All shipments must also have delivery to us, if this does not happen we will charge extra for collection.

SFI has reduced the price with 50% this year, according to the current situation. To catch up without staff, we extend the inspection from one day to five days. To make this as effective as possible, it is important that everyone has their parts in place during this week. If it has to be inspected after this week, we will charge double the price.

We know that many did not drive this summer. Unfortunately, we can not do anything about it. It is SFI, FIA ​​and the motorsport associations that decide the rules. We can only help you with the inspection, not the rules themselves.

You make a registration of your parts on this page. This is to make it as easy as possible for us.

Very important!! Read the invitation before you register !!

Invitation SFI Re-certification 2021 >>

Questions, Contact: LG Eriksson at ME Racing or. +46 (0)243 100 66

Register here >> SFI Registration

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