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Registration SFI re-certification 2021

  • Parts must be marked with Owner Name, Payer and Mobile Number to contact person, well attached and visible on unit.

  • Parts that are not clearly marked will NOT be inspected.

  • Only parts to be inspected. Owners responsibility applies, eg number of years / unit.
  • Parts that are NOT properly cleaned will be charged an additional 500 SEK.

  • Parts that are not pre-registered or submitted on time will be charged double the price.


Full name of the owner of the device (s) (Tag name). The certification will be registered in this name to SFI.

Lastname                         First name          


Entered as: + country number mobile number eg: +46703456789



How do your parts get to the certification We need to know how your registered devices get to the certification. NOTE! All parts that are sent with shipping to the certification site must be sent with delivery and on time. Otherwise no inspection!

I send my parts in advance with delivery, no later than the week before. And then get it sent back.

I, or someone else, personally deliver the parts to the certification site no later than the week before. Then it is picked up at the earliest the week after inspection.

Payment information


Name of company or person on whom invoice / receipt is issued.



To be filled in if the payer is a company. Swedish VAT registration number begins with the Swedish country code SE and ends with 01. No hyphens or spaces in the number, eg SE999999999901. For non-Swedish companies, VAT / VAT numbers are written according to their own country's standard. For example Denmark DK99999999 (8 digits). Finland FI99999999 (8 digits). Norway NO999999999 (9 digits).




ZIP code





Payment method

Please note that this year, only invoice is possible.

Information about units to be inspected

Unit 1 (out of 5 possible)

Under each heading "Unit" you fill in information about your parts (eg bellhouse, make, number)

Type unit 1


Manufacturer unit 1


Quantity unit 1


Unit 2

Type unit 2


Manufacturer unit 2


Quantity unit 2      


Unit 3

Type unit 3


Manufacturer unit 3


Quantity unit 3


Unit 4

Type unit 4


Manufacturer unit 4


Quantity unit 4


Unit 5

Type unit 5


Manufacturer unit 5


Quantity unit 5


If you have more units, make one more registration.

Optional Bolt

It is possible to buy an extra bolt if you know that it is missing or needs to be replaced on your clutch cover before inspection.

Bolt Type


Bolt Quantity


Please check carefully that everything is filled in correctly before you click the send button !!


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