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SBF (Swedish Automobile Sports Federation)

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Motor racing history is closely interwoven with motorcycle racing and characterized during the early years of several organizational changes. For motor racing, international rights were initially Royal Automobile Club , KAK .
The need for closer cooperation between KAK and SMK , Swedish Motor Club , led to a decision to transfer the common affairs of an independent committee. This made the International Competition Tribunal the controlling authority for all motorsport in Sweden . Board ceased in 1935 after disagreements between KAK and SMK . Instead, the formation of Sweden joined motoring organizations in order to monitor the sport's common interests. The organization , however, was only temporary , and SMK was never a member of the organization.

The firmer organization that later became the Swedish Automobile Sports Federation was formed in 1936 and was then called the Swedish Motor Federation , with sections SVEMA for automobile side and SVEMO for motorcycles . Then answered Federation for all motorsport, both cars, motorcycles , air and speedboat and a joint secretariat was created . Offices continued until 1956.

The final step to independent unions was 1962, when Swedish Automobile Sports Federation was elected to the Swedish Sports Confederation . Then split operations in each its own special covenant , but Motor Federation consists today and have a common over board with representatives from both the ASN , Motorcycle Federation , Air sports League and Power Boat Association. The association ensures good cooperation and jointly appoint the court persons worthy of the Royal Medal.

Automobile Sports Federation are shown in the following figures :

In 1937 SBF 68 clubs, 5894 members and 586 licenses.
In 1977 had the SBF 365 clubs, 71,500 members and 40,000 licenses.
In 1994, SBF over 500 clubs with 120,000 members. When was organized in 1341 races in Sweden .
In 2006, the SBF just under 500 clubs with 110,000 members. When was organized in 1173 races in Sweden .
Car Door is to follow in the well -preserved protocols series from its inception in 1936.

Many fine success has put in over the years. Joakim Bonnier won the first GP victory in 1959, Erik Carlsson "on the roof " won the RAC Rally in three consecutive years . Ronnie Peterson and Reine Wisell successfully competed in Formula 1 and Bjorn Waldegard became together with co-driver Hans Thorszelius the first world champions in Rally . One of the top ladies were Ewy Rosqvist who won the Argentine World Cup race in the Rally 1962.
Stig Blomqvist and Stefan " Lill- Lövis " Johansson , other known names internationally , as well as Kenny Brack and Tina Thörner .
Car port has meant a lot to the development of performance, handling and safety of operating the vehicles. No other country in the world has not so great motor sport activities in proportion to its population as Sweden . The number of female practitioners is also a record high.

SBF has twelve district associations , each of which is responsible for the racing activities in their area , along with the clubs.

SBF has several disciplines : downhill , Bilorientering , Crosskart , Drag Racing , Drifting, Folkrace , Iceracing , Karting, Offroad , Racing, RC car racing , Rally , Rallycross and Virtual Auto Sport . Additionally competed in Ecorun and easier contest forms slalom .

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