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Young engineers use the Docol Tube R8


As we told last week, we are helping young future engineers with Docol Tube R8. These students compete against other students from different parts of the world through the Formula Student program. This time we show you ION Racing from Norway with tubes from MERS.

ION Racing has sent us a thank you letter, where Magne Årdal writes.

- The Formula Student season is now complete for ION Racing. The 2017 team is slowly winding down and the next team will be formed in the coming months. To mark this occasion, we would like to thank you for the year that has elapsed and the help we have received!

Our collaborators are one of the essential pillars of our team. Without you, nothing of what we have achieved would be possible, and therefore there are no words that can aptly describe the help we have received. We only hope that you have seen and will continue to see the impact your support has on this team and our car.

When the year started, economics were something we were incredibly afraid of. We were aware that it was going to be one of the biggest challenges of the season, assuming we were able to make it work at all. Everyone on the team has been aware of this and we have had to really reach out to the community and try to rally up as much support as possible. This was met with huge success - we have managed to befriend people from all corners of the engineering industries to help with machining, equipment, materials and expertise just to name a few. The wealth of resources and skill you all have provided has been invaluable.

Our experience when asking a company for help is almost always positive. They are interested in our team and its goal and will often do what they can to contribute. There are very few who turn us down, most helping as much as they can, when they can. It is extremely motivating because it shows that companies appreciate the work we do.

Many of you have followed our social media and have therefore seen the successes of the season already but regardless here is a list of what we have achieved at Formula Student UK at Silverstone in 2017:

  • 43rd place on Business Presentation
  • 19th place on Cost
  • 13th place on Design
  • 32nd place in total


  • 1 out of just 7 electric cars that were awarded points at Endurance
  • Prize from Mercedes AMG for “Best High Voltage Powertrain Implementation”


Most of this is better than we have done in previous years. For example, our overall ranking was 67th in 2016, and we only placed about halfway up the leaderboard. The last point is the one we are most proud of this year. When former engineers from Mercedes AMG's Formula 1 team, Patronas, say they are impressed by the drive system in our car, it's about the best compliment an engineering student can get. It is safe to say that ION Racing is performing well and a great deal of that honor is owed to you. So thank you so much!

During the coming months you will be contacted again about continuing our sponsorship agreement or if necessary, changing it. It is in both our interests that your relationship with the team and its members is beneficial for everyone involved. We hope you will continue to support us in our goal of creating well qualified engineers and we hope you see the value in that goal as much as we do. It is common knowledge amongst the team that our time leading up to and during this years event has provided experience that is invaluable for bridging the gap between university and the workplace.

Take a look at ION Racing Magazine >> >>

Thank you ION Racing 2017, and good luck in the future from us at ME Racing Serivice AB (MERS).

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