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We went to Russia for some dragracing


A check of the Russian Drag Racing Championship was made in august. Where we found a very developed and professional organization in Dragtimes who are running the RDRC.

As our friend and team member Adam Flamholc is contracted to help out Dmitry Samarukow, a driver in Team Dragtimes, we got curious about what is happening over there. As Dragtimes have been visiting Scandinavian FIA races and the test race at Tierp in May, we have established some good connections to the drag racing friends in Dragtimes. So Lena and Ludvig attended the 3rd event in the championship.  And were very well taken care of and had a great experience. 

- We meet up with Adam and team in Nizhny Novorogod, says Lena. But first we had a day in Moscow with nice wether and good company who showed us town.  


Tigran Seferian and Ocheretin Alexander made all the arrangements and made us feel very welcome in Moscow. A town that impressed us in all ways. Very new in some parts but also very historic and beautiful in others. The town is in a big developing era.

Thursday we had a great view of Moscow with good help from Dragtimes. Friday we headed off for Nizhny Novgorod and took a look at the track. It´s a great facility for the circuit racing that is located there. But maybe not so good for drag racing as the grandstand is placed a bit out of sight of the drag racing track. And the track itself needs some work to be optimal for drag racing. But racers are provided with outstanding garages for the cars and teams.


Two choppers flew over Red Square and landed in Kreml. We where told Mr Putin was back. 

Andrey Veremeev is the owner of Dragtimes and he wants to extend the uptake and understanding of drag racing in Russia. He has got a great crew who are working for and with him, and also a media team which is very talented and had the best equipment available and are already making fantastic productions for news and social media. 


Andrey Veremeev, owner of Dragtimes, Ocheretin Alexander and Adam making plans for 2017.

For the first time in Russia a European team participated in the championship. David Vegter got the opportunity to come to Russia for racing and he took it.

-We are very happy about the opportunity to race here in Russia, says David. And we have been taken care of very well in all matters by Dragtimes. I really hope we can continue and expand this co-operation in the drag racing family.


Dmitry and David Vegter on the way out on the track. 


Oleg Kondakow driving Dmitrys former Viper. 

That co-operation is already in process as David Vegter came all the way from the Netherlands to race in Russia. and Oleg Kondakow are coming to Tierp in just about a week to race. Dmitry in Top Doorslammer and Oleg in Pro Street. There are also more drivers coming to look for new cars. So if there is anyone who wants to sell, here you have a good opportunity.


David Vegter came all the way from the Netherlands to race in Russia.

Next year Dmitry, Andrey and Adam have agreed to race the Russian Championship as well as four events in the EDRS Championship in Top Doorslammer.


Kristian Nyström and Rasmus Solberg working on the Viper.

-The European events are limited to Malmö, Tierp and Alastaro as some of the others are at the same time as the RDRC, says Dmitry. I would like to race at Santa Pod also one day. Next year this car will have an updated engine, gearbox and some other work to update it. But in a couple of years I hope for a new car but that’s a future plan and not set yet.

- Hopefully I am safe and secure enough to step in to Pro Modified then, says Dmitry. But if it comes to building a new car we know a good chassis builder in Sweden, Dmitry says with a smile.

Adam is very happy with the co-operation that continues over 2017, and there are more plans coming.  

- Dmitry wants to race in US as well, says Adam. So he is doing one race in my car that I´m racing over there. Not set yet which event it´s going to be.


 Dmitry Samarukow going to race i Scandinavia in 2017.

A lot is going on in Russian drag racing and Dragtimes are really eager to develop the sport and make exchanges between Europe and Russia. 

For sure there are a lot work to do, but the spirit and professional insight of these people is just what it takes to make great events.

This 2nd and 3rd event was located just outside Nizhny Novgorod, about 350 km east of Moscow. That´s the closest event of the in total four events in Russia. First was in Krasnoyarsk, in the middle of this gigantic country, not too far from Mongolia. The Finals are in Grozny in Chechnya in September. 


Ludvig on his first mission as a black/white dragracing photographer.





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