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Turtle Wax Internationals 2014


After a great weekend at Tierp Arena and the Turtle Wax Internationals 2014 we are now back at the shop. This was one of the toughest race weekend ever. The qualifier list was just crazy. The first nine cars was inbetween 1/10 of a sec. And the slowest time in that group was Niclas Andersson with a 6,08 time. Then the rest worked their way down to Michael Gullquist 5,98 sec time. Mark Meihuizen was next at 5,99 time. So it start getting quite common those times. At sunday eliminations Gullqvist got consistent on the five sec runs. Then the final run between Gullqvist and Tero Laukkanen was just stunning. Both did a five sec run, when Laukkanen was up in 412,5 km/h and took the win of the weekend. The runs before that, he took the European record in speed at 403,9 km/h. Amazing! Almost all the rest of the field was on 6,0 times. Unfortunately Mats didn't get out his five sec runs this time. He was out against Norbert Kuno at a 6,38 sec time.


The team did a gear-ratio change before first elimination round and managed to put a wrong gear set in the transmission. Seems to be a wrong labeled delivery from the supplier. So a small adjustment became a big one instead. Mats had a better time over the finish line, but by the gear problem he wasn't fast enough at the tree. Sad but true. Kuno took the win this time. But all in all this weekend was great. Mats did several good and consistent 6,0 times. So the way back on track since the crash in may has been long but with good results. But as Mats is to far down into the table the team has to take a decision to go or not to the Finals.


LG is happy that Mats did a good run.



Ludvig is the back-up "girl"


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