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To the semi at Alastaro but the win goes to Älvdalen


Back home from Finland and Alastaro. We got to the semi-finals and was second qualified anyway. The win landed on another Dalecarlian team and we are very happy of that. Congratulation Team Anders Nilsson who took the first win ever in Pro Modified during his three years in the class.

With three dalecarlian teams in the semi it just had to be one of us taking the win. We started very well as second qualified just 0.004 sec after Michael Gullquist. We kept that position during the whole qualifications. In first round we meet Marco Lantto who we beat at 6.19/380 vs 6.77/349. Next round was David Vegter, our old squire, in a very tight race. Mats at 6.10/380 vs Davids 6.18/372. By that Andreas Arthursson has beaten Michael Gullquist that redlighted, and then in next round Anders Nilsson took Andreas out. So the finals was between Anders and Bruno in a fair and tight race. Anders at 6.14/364 against Baders 6.17/370. 

- We lost a cylinder from the starting line. So we was short of power and wheel speed which causes too much problem in the run. It seems that a roller lifter was broken. So now we need to go home and check up the engine before next race. The trailer is now loaded and ready to go home, says crew chief LG

A great weekend with lovely weather and as usual nice people. Next round in Hockenheim, Germany in august. Now the car is getting some love and we take a few weeks off from racing. And we´r still in the lead of the Championship ;)


We got to the semifinal but was beeten by Bruno Bader


Exon and Ludde who is doing a good job as  a "back-up-girl"


Ludde is also good on the guitar and that gives us our own pit enterteiner


Wounder who or what LG is yelling about, or is he just jawning


LG and Exon wotking on Goblin


Jonnie Lindberg likes to hang around


As a winer You always get a dipp in the barrel in Finland, so did Anders with some good help from his friends...


Thats all for this weekend and time to pack and go home. Next race is at Hockenheim, Germany. Now we take a few weeks of to fix the car and maybe have one or to days hollyday.

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