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The finals of The Finals 2015

News - The finals of The Finals 2015 - ctl00_cph1_prodImage

The Finals got to an end and it was a fantastic weekend in every way, except for 0,007 sec miss in the semi. Well, you can´t get everything. But with continuous 5 sec round of Mats was the revenge from last year, overall expectations.


First of all we want to send all our thoughts to Robert Joosten that couldn't participate at the Finals because of illness. He is making the hardest race of all. And we´re all with You in this one. We really want you back on track next year, Robert.Take care.


Mats was the only PM-driver that made a 5 sec run straight out from the trailer on friday morning. That sat the limit of the track and racers rest of the weekend. Mats worst opponent Michael Gullquist was struggling this event. Last round saturday he finally got a fairly good round at 6,05 sec and climbed from 16 to 3rd place in qualifying list. At that point Mats had gained 20 points and Micke 6 points to his three leading point. Mats was up in the lead of the championship and keep it until the semi final, where those two combatants did meet, and where the championship was settled. Here Mats pick a red light and was out already from start. Sadly.


It would have been nice with another side-by-side round at 5 sec, as with Bruno Bader in the last qualifying round. Where Mats did his personal best time at 5.92 sec and Bruno did a 5.99 round. This was the first ever side-by-side 5 sec run in England and Santa Pod and all the spectators cheered.



A huge thank You Adam Flamholc that you want to hang out with us in our team.

All by all it have been a fantastic season and we are now back where we should be with fast times and consistently runs. It was a good last event where it all came to the drivers to make the last hard work to either win or loose the championship. We end this season as Runner Up in the FIA European Championship and thats much better than last years number 10 spot. Now we take a rest from racing for a short while and then the celebration and meeting time start, to continue the work and progress of European drag racing. Thanks all and everyone that have been with us this season, sponsors, friends and family.



The winner of 2015 FIA Championship, Michael Gullqvist. A big Congratulation to You and the team.
Second Runner Up in the Championship is Bruno Bader and we salute him also!  Great work!


Anita Mäkelä ended also up as Runner Up in Top Fuel, Leif Andreasson did take the win in TMFC championship this year.


Qualifying no 1 of the event.


Mats got a new hoodie from Lena to cheer him up a bit...

LMP_8778PM_FIA_RU_Mats_Eriksson_LP540.jpg he and the team had made so many 5 sec round this season.

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