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That #%;&: rain!! again :(


There seems to be a rainy season this year, at least so far. Half the season is run and Mats is third in the FIA European Championship so far. In Alastaro there were a lot of problems. To begin with, not all new parts from the United States arrive in time, so the car had to go half naked to the track.


But as the guys is very skilled, there was no problem to put the engine together at the track. The first round was ok, but not that steady. But there wasn't any solid rounds on Friday for anybody, so that was ok. Mats had a Q3 position for a while. Some tire shakes in the next round so no time there. Saturday was not good. Again a lost traction in first round and in the final qualification round something historic happen. There was a oil leak from the car Mats so had to turn it off. It has not happened before That Mats'll have to turn off the engine on the starting line, since he started with Pro Modified 2002.


Well, we ended up as the Q7 at 6.25 / 372 km / h and it was quite ok after all the problems. In the top of the qualifying list, we found Gullqvist at 6.05 / 388 km / h. Mats was in the upper part of the ladder and had Åke "Bagarn" Persson in the first elimination round on Sunday morning. It went well for Mats. He had a good run, 6.09 seconds, actually the fastest of the event in Pro Mod.


Mats and Åke Persson in first elimination round and Mats took the win. 


Then something odd happened in Gullqvist vs Fagerström round. Gullqvist red lighted! And Freddy then was up to the next round and would meet Mats. 1st round in Pro Mod was made, then rain and thunder came after the track crew made a tough job to dry the track, the rain came back.


Then it was too late to get the track ready again so the race was turned off. If if were not, it would have looked like this. Mats and Freddy would meet in the next round, the winner of these two drivers would have had a solo in the semi and had been up in the finals directly. Which one of them had ended up where we will never know. Gullqvist probably was not immediately sorry when the rain came, after which he is still in the lead of the Championship, Bader in the second and Mats third position. So no changes in the table before the next race in Hockenheim in about four weeks.


Thanks to Adam Flamholc who was able to help us and three other teams this weekend. It all vent well for them.


Dragtimes Dmitry Ostrouh from Russia was Q1 in Top Doorslammer. 


David Vegter Q2 took out Rolf Simonsson in first round. 


Thomas Stiefel Q5 took out Anders Nilsson in first round

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