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Swedish Automobile Federation Banquet 2016


The 23 of January it was time to pic up some trophies again. This time the Swedish Automobile Federation Banquet was held in Karlstad at CCC. A very well organized event where some award was given out during the day, like Swedish Championship medals in all categories of motorsport but most of them at the evening. At the banquet Mats was collecting his award medal for Runner Up place in FIA Pro Modified drag racing series. There was many awards to hand out to swedish racers this year. It seems the swedes are good at drag racing in Europe. One of the most acclaimed drivers was of course Jonnie Lindberg, who took the win in NHRA TMFC-series i US. A world champion. Not many of them over here in Europe. We congratulate all FIA and SM drag racers of 2016. You have all done a great job. Now it´s time to start up a new season very soon.


Mats got his plaque for his Runner Up place in 2015 FIA Pro Modified Championship


Two happy brothers with the Runner Up plaque.


Congratulation to Michael Gullqvist who won 2015 FIA Pro Modified Championship as well as the Swedish Championship.


Congratulation to Jr dragster driver Simon Brusén Svärdsjö, who won the Swedish Jr Dragster Championship, and got the Bilsport Special Jr Dragster Award.


Jonnie Lindberg was very proud of the NHRA Champion Ring. And we congratulate him to the World Champion win over there. The first one who done this in Europe.


E-type was the one who got the guests up at the floor after the dinner.

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