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SFI Tour 2015


Many many thanks for this past weekend where we make the SFI certified parts ready for racing and for the good cooperation with the SFI Tour that make this tripp over from US every year, inspection staff and SBF that works hard and effective every time, Persåkers Speed Shop for the good locations and hospitality and Sparreholms Castle for their nice environment and accommodation.


Roger Johansson in Pro Modified was one of many racers that delivered parts from himself and other races to get safe and clear for the upcoming season.


We also want to welcome Jennifer Faye to the SFI Tour. She´s taking over more and more responsibilities from SFI chairman Arnie Kuhns and is now introduced to the tour, as well. This was her first trip to Europe, but not the last we hope. You are most  welcome in the the gang.

LG is taking care of the parts that´s comming in.


The SFI Tour people Tim Hyatt, Murf McKinney, Jennife Faye, Arnie Kuhns...


...Frank Johansen, Uffe Olsson, Andy Robinson...


...Roland Forsberg and Erik Zetterwall...


...Jörgen Lindholm, Peter Larsson, Lennart Holm


...Loffy (Rolf Lundberg)...


...registrationstaff Lena Perés, Roland Forsberg and Olle "Bompa"Elfqvist...



...and the MERS Mats Eriksson here together with Uffe Olsson.

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