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Scandinavian Internationals, Tierp Arena


A magic racing weekend is over. Not so much magic for us, but Tierp Arena showed the absolutely best side this time. Not a cloud in the sky, warm, clear air and totally filled grandstands saturday and sunday. Can´t be better conditions for drag racing. But there was actually one dark cloud in the sky for Green Goblin team. Due to technical problems we lost the lead in the championship. But at the end of saturday we was qualified as no 3 at a 5.96 sec time. That was good. And first elimination round we did a 6,05 sec run vs Johan Westberg. But in the next, vs Odd Erik Fossum, Mats couldnt get to the starline due to damage in the gearbox. Before that the team found some problems in the blower and ignition and was a bit stressed to come out to start. Well, that wasnt what we wanted. But now the car is in pieces for a close check up until the Finals at Santa Pod in just about a week.
Michael Gullquist passed us with three points the championship. The battle is not over and we will take the fight.

A lot more fun was to put our friends Anders and Ingrid Johnsen in the double dragster this weekend. MERS and ML Bygg bought this couple a ride who usually do the FIA Historic Rally championship at very curvy, narrow and steep roads around Europe. Sometime in october Ingrid's ride is going to be showed at Swedish television in a program about dedicated girls/women in drag racing. She did very well in the dragster, we where told. :)


This is what coused our lost of point this weekend. :(


LG straightens things up


This is how a 5,96 sec round looks like when its done. 


The Eriksson/Perés brothers are happy


Getting ready!


Thumbs up!


Anders Johnsen in his doubledragster ride.


Ingrid Johnsen is ready to go on a 8.46 sec run.

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