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15 July - 2 August. (Week 29-31)

Scandinavian Internationals 2013 Tierp Arena


Well, this weekend wasn´t Green Goblins at all.Tireshakes and no grip was what followed Mats and team. But a weekend that was stunning in other ways. Eigth new European records where set and even a worldrecord in speed by Jonnie Lindberg in his Top Methanol Funy Car.
Mats ended up as Q14 on saturday after missed out the last run due to a broken cable. The car did´nt start. In first round at sunday Mats meet Mattias Wulcan, but again the tirechakes and the grip was gone.

But there was other things that cheered the team up. In the finals of Top Fuels both dragsterchassies was built by ME Racing Service AB. And both of them made new records. First Anita Mäkelä had the ET European record that she started on saturday and backed up on sunday. But then the Andersens team with Tomas Nataas at the wheel came and pinched it from her and also took the speedrecord. 3.9656/499.08 is now what to beat. Well done everyone in both teams. We´r very proud of what you all have done with what we are a part of. That made our weekend.



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