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Runner Up at Tierp Internationals 2016



Yes, a Runner Up-cup went home with us from Tierp Internationals 2016. Mats took the safe step for not making a red light this time and lost to Gullqvist with just a few thousand of a second. But it was a good run anyway.


The eventwas unlucky with with the weather as it rained almost all weekend. But the track crew was just great. Even as the friday rained away they manage to run two FIA runs on Friday evening when the rain stopped for a while. Saturday just dissapear in water from the sky. But the sun showed it´s face at last,on sunday and that was a good race day. But just when the finals for FIA classes was done, it started again. Which resulted in no Finals for the sportman classes. What a weekend.


But there was other things that chered us up. Adams friends from Russia showed up on Saturday and Sunday and our good friends Chris and Anton Barnars from South Africa joined us. It was their first visit at a dragracing event and was totaly hooked.

- We will be back in august, they said afterward.

They spent two days with us and SSABs Lars Lagestam to get more information about the Swedish steel that they use in their track racing car project. And to meet other companies in the same category that could be usefull for them. it seems to be a long and good relationship between Sweden and South Africa in this matter.
Now we preparefor next round at Alastaro, Finland in a couple of weeks. But first, we celebrate the Swedish Midsummer. Have a great weekend folks. See You in Finland.



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