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Rally in Sanremo


It's been a while since I updated this page. We have not been idle, if you believe it. Or yes, by the way, a short and intense holiday weekend, Mats and Lena had spent at FIA European Historic Sporting Rally Sanremo Italy. It's hard to not go on any motorsport event, so as we have friends who are racing in the rally, we took the opportunity. Fantastic scenery, wonderful friends and a little excitement is a good vacation combo for us. And Mats had the oportunity to work in the service team as well. We followed team Johnsen and team Myrsell, both from Borlange / Stora Skedvi and they ended up as 1st and 2nd in the Championship Series after this weekend. Total lead is the Myrsells and Johnsen's is in fourth place after the first two races. in this championship there is 15 races to choose from around Europe and of those counted seven. First day we went out and looked at a couple of the total 11 racetracks up in the Italian mountains and one day we spent with the service team. Both days gave full dividends on both the rally and nature experiences. A little secret is that Mats has a rally car he would like to fix up and run with. If not on these winding roads so maybe on track.


One of the service stopes that we made. Very nice wieves of Badalucco.


More nice Italian scenery . That we don´t see much of at the dragracing tracks ;).


As this is a Historic Rally there is a lot! of strange and nice cars for to be a rally event. That´s the charm of this sport.

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