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Personal best!!!


Home after a hot hot weekend. Don't think we ever have had weather and racing like this. Mats did personal best on sundays eliminations. In second round against Anders Nilsson he did the best round ever. 5.97 sec/392 km/h! And the round before that he had Niclas Andersson and beet him at a time 6,068 sec/392 km/h against Niclas 6,065 sek/381 km/h a very tight race. Then Mats was in the finals to Michael Gullqvist.
- I knew Gullan would go all in for a quick reaction time, as he knew I´m pretty quick there. So it was a bit crazy. We´r very happy after this weekend and now it feels really good to have this in the back when we go to Hockenheim in a coupele of weeks. Thanks for all help and congratulation to Adam Flamholc also. He did the fastest times ever in Top Doorslammer and the fastest run of them all was at 3,82 sec.
A huge congratulations to Gullan and team that have done a tremendous job tha last week, after the crach in Malmo last weekend. A great weekend for both of us. Mats and team feel very well after they got the car in shape again, after all those years and after the crash in England in May. See you all in Hockenheim!


Personal best in both time and speed!


Mats vs Anders Nilsson in his best round ever.


Mats and Gullan on the podium again, after a long time.


Team Gullqvist is celebrating and Mats is crying...not :)


Congratulation Team Gullqvist for a great win this weeken. And the hard work last week after the crash in Malmo. You deserved this one. But next time...;)

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