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Performance Racing Industry (PRI) 2022


We are back home from the USA and had time to start breathing again after our PRI trip. 

PRI. Performance Racing Industry in Indianapolis. IN. USA. World biggest pure racing trade show.

This trip goes to the story when everything wanted to screw up and go wrong. The whole story is too long to write down here.

After missed flight, illness, bad rental car companies, canceled hotel rooms, late parts and a pallet of parts that got lost at the transport company, we had a very good PRI show after all.


Even though we couldn't display everything we wanted, there was good interest for the Multi-jig. We met many people from different countries and motorsports and had great time where we could show and talk about the Multi-jig and its versatility. We were so busy that we didn't have time to see anything from the fair ourselves with about 1100 companies.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth.


We did also have a ProStock drag bike frame on a jig as a Featured Product showcase. For which we also received an award. Unexpected and fun.


Big thanks to Mike at Mullaney cycle works to let us use his ProStock frame.

We did also have a set of LAMB front struts to dispay our front jigs.


Big thanks to Derek at LAMB Components to let us use their new longer front struts with adjustable top mount.

As this was our companies first PRI show with a own booth, we are pleased over the outcome. And now we will work for a better show next year. We already looking forward to next year's PRI show.

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