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On the way to Tierp Arena – the last race there for this year


The Scandinavian Internationals 2013 is about to get started. The last dragracing race at Tierp Arena for this year. It feels a bit sad that the season soon is ending. How come that its already time  for the Finals in just a couple of weeks. The season did just started!

However, we´re packing the trailer for a stunning weekend at Tierp Arena with amazing 31 Pro Mod cars participating and the organizer is trying something new…a double ladder. The second ladder is a extra competition for the ones that doesnt qualify in to the ordinary 16 ladder. And there are some nice prices for the winners. ME Racing Service has putted up 10 000 SEK,  to use at MERS, devided between Winner, Runer up and Third Runner ups. Also the European Pro Mod Assosioation are putting up same amount for those who are members in the assosiation. If there is someone who is´nt, ask Mats Eriksson during the weekend and he can help you fix that.

So now, get to the race track and meet us all there. The wether looks realy nice and we´re all going to have a ball!


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