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New year in South Africa


After a stunning holiday in South Africa we´r now eventually getting back in business. But we have to tell about the tripp first. Two weeks loaded with edventures and meetings with so nice south african people. We did stay in a first class staying. And that means we stayed in fam Lagerstams home in Johannesburg, a community where we had the view over the central golf court. Safe and sound. We visited the Barnard family in Bloemfontein about 400 km south of Joburg, went to a wildlife estate to cuddle lions and tigers, inspected the Barnard own car project. A circuit car that can also be driven on roads without problems, and at a good price. A big thanks to the Barnard family for their hospitality! Amazing! Then we went up in the Pilanesmountins to explore the wildlife. Saw all big five, except the buffalo, who were busy elsewhere. But never mind, we were very pleased with what we saw and experienced. Then we went to Tarlton Raceway, just outside Joburg, meet up with Johnny Nilsson (Top Fuel driver from south of Sweden). Had a walk around at mr Mick van Rensburg estate, the man who founded the racetrack once. One of his sons is also racing. The family had an impressive collection of car in all kind of shapes at the estate. Mats became abit keen to race at the Tarlton Racetrack one day. That is for the future plans to-do-list.

All i all a very nice, exciting and needed trip for us all. And hopefully we will be back in a near future. You can see some of the oict from the trip below.


Experienced some roadblock.



The guys testing the Barnard car.


The whole gang visiting the Bagamoya Wildlife Estate. Lagestam fam, Johansson (Hogtec)fam, Eriksson/Perés fam, Barnard fam and the Bagamoya owners.


A closeup with i one of the big 5.


The Barnard family with their cool car project.



Cuddling the some lions.


LG was able to use a 457 rifle! And was invited to hunt with the Barnard family.


Meet up with Johnny Nilsson in his garage at Tarlton Raceway


And had a tour at the estate of mr Mick van Rensburg, the owner and founder of Tarlton Raceway


Tigers like to be scratched...HARD!

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