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MERS support Revolve NTNU


MERS support Formula Student Team from Norway.

As you know, ME Racing Service AB is proud to support several Formula Student Teams.
Another team from Norway has now contacted us and we will help them with Docol Tube R8.

We help these students to use and get to know these tubes. Which we know they will bring in to different companies or teams they will work with in the future.

So, we present you, Revolve UTNU from Trondheim in Norway.

Revolve NTNU is an independent student organization at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The team consists of 64 members who work voluntarily parallel to full time engineering studies. The members are from 13 engineering fields and all years of study.

To develop and build a race car from scratch in one year is a challenging task that demands numerous engineering fields, extraordinary dedication and hard earned resources. Every year a new team of students take on the complex and comprehensive project to make the transition from students to fully capable engineers.

Please take a look on their website and facebook. They make a really nice work.

And dont miss their "Trollstigen" movie.



Rebecca Sandstø contacted us about the Docol Tube R8 which gave the team a new sponsor.


We wish a lot of luck for the whole team in the tough competition Formula Student 2018.








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