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MERS sales of Chrom moly 4130 and Docol Tube R8


Many of you know the story about Docol Tube R8. For those who do not know, we take the short story today.
MERS (ME Racing Service AB) has used SSAB's High strength steel for about 30 years. Mats built race cars and wondered why there are no High strength tubes made of Swedish quality steel from SSAB. After hard work with MERS, Mats also built up his network of contacts. Then the time came and SSAB entered a project to manufacture High strength tubes from their sheet metal. MERS has been on the road and consulted SSAB with questions about racing and more from day one.

SSAB then took the step of making tubes and Docol Tube R8 was born. Made of Docol sheet metal, R stands for Racing and 8 stands for 800 in tensile strength. R8 was manufactured in Borlänge, the same city as MERS is located in Sweden. Tube production grew so now they are manufactured in Finland. MERS is proud to have been involved from the very beginning, and all work we have been put into this.

With that said, we want to show you that sales are constantly increasing for the Docol Tube R8. MERS has used and sold Chrom moly 4130 tube for a long time and still does it. When we started selling the Docol Tube R8 we were not prepared for this succe and is now also approved for use in many different motorsports. The fun of this is also all new customers we have received through R8. As the graph shows, Chrom moly has reduced in sales, but not so much.

There are alot of new customers both in racing and industry and we also sell outside Sweden's borders. We made these tubes to fit racing, but also know that these fit into industry. Since the properties of the tubes are proven on the race course, there is no problem to use it in the industry as well.

The Docol Tube R8 continues to grow and make itself known as an easily worked tube. Easy to weld, even thickness and high quality materials. MERS has now built a large tube stock and is working on selling more and more tubes. Check out our dimensions, prices and more information on our tube page. Link to Tubes >>

SSAB has been at PRI (Performance Racing Industry show) since 2011 (see pictures) and will be in place this year aswell. So please come past the booth if you are at PRI December 7-9, 2017.


MERS stock of tubes in the shop. MERS have also a big stock in another warehouse.


We can send small and bigger orders.



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