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MERS and AED meets up at PRI Show


Lars- Goran is preparing a delivery of SSAB tubes to US and our companion AED Motorsport Products Ltd in Indianapolis.

-This year we’re going to assist AED in their booth and be a part of SSABs seminars to answer questions from customers, old and new, about the high strange tubes from Sweden, says Lars Goran at ME Racing Service.


LG is preparing for PRI Show in Indianapolis in december. 

This year we´re not a part of the SSAB booth like we have been before, as the customers by now have learned alot about racing and the tubes by us, SSAB is doing a great job by them selves now. Of course we will be assisting if needed. So this year we got time to look in to the show much more then we have had in many years. It´s going to be a great exploring weekend among all booths at the show.


AL and Tina Lowe are working close together with MERS about SSAB tubes and sheet metal. Here with MERS son Ludvig in Chicago a few weeks ago.

Al and Tina Lowe from AED Motorsport Products is also preparing for some action at the show. And Al have good experience about the SSAB tubes that he´s company now have had for sale for a while.


Tubes on the way to AED Motorsport Products from MERS just a few days ago. 


Docol R8 tubes showes at PRI Show. 

- Sales of Docol R8 tubes have been very strong this past season, says Al. We have seen a number of car builders change to Docol exclusively. No longer producing cars from mild steel or 4130. We have one car build of Dirt Late Models, Mark Richards Racecars / Rocket Chassis, who has built approximately 260 cars this year. Late Models and Modifieds are the largest consumer of Docol by far. Recently the first 4 outdoor midgets have been built. Prior to these the midgets have only been built for indoor racing. Chili Bowl Specifically. 


Mark Richards Racing broke the single season win record with a Docol car.


- In 2015 we experienced a large adoption of Docol in the Late Models and such, Al continues. This year we are expecting to see this develop in the sprint car market. As in past years we have assisted SSAB with a seminar presentation at PRI. This year I have encouraged the meeting to be more of a question and answer session, where prospective users can present questions to the engineers from the mill and also ask current users what their experience has been.


AEDs boot at PRI Show a couple of years ago. 

- This year at PRI we expect to be quite busy answering to numerous users, potential users and sanctioning bodies. As most now we do not have a provision for Docol in their rules and regulations books. We will also have a pro stock drag bike frame in the both from Ed Grothus Drag Bikes.

Some Facts about the Docol tubes from AED


To date and on record these are the sanction bodies that have approved Docol as an alternative:


SCCA – Sports Car Club of America

Can Am Midget Series

BMWCC – BMW car club

World Figure Eight Series

POWRi Racing Series

AED sales facts about the tubs:

Sales of tube in 2015:  40,000 feet.

Sales of tube in 2016 YTD:  115,000 feet.

Total estimated cars built since project began: 700

Type of cars that have been built or applications for Docol is: Pro Mod drag cars, all sportsman levels of drag racing.

Pavement and Dirt late models and modified Sprint cars Midgets Sports Cars Mini Sprints or Micro Sprints Go Karts Wheelie Bars Off road trucks Suspension on stock cars, snowmobiles and ATV’s (4 wheel motorcycles) Indian Motorcycle flat track bikes. Experimental Aircraft.

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