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Mats try the rallysport


Mats got an offer to put himself in a rally car as a co-driver. So hi did. And it was a bit of an odd car for rally, and for Mats. :) The driver was Fredrik Ros who is use to track curves, but not on snow. But the couple did very well at the Blue-forest snowy roads this saturday. They did the debutant class.

-This was very fun, said both of them after crossing the finnish line.
- I might do this again, said Mats. But i might have to prepare more for motion sickness.
- I now got my rallylicens and tomorrow it's time for sharp position in another rally race, said Fredrik.


Tommy Löfling, right, was responsible for getting Mats in to this position, overlooks Mats so he gett all paperwork right.


Mats and Fredrik is ready to race.


Here they comes. And Ludvig is the action photographer.


Another well known fellow. Sten Skodborg from Auto Verdi did very well in the Falu forrests snowy roads.


More known teams. The Tomas "Lången" Pettersson and his co-driver Shorty did also very well. After first round no 1.

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