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Hotrod visit


Today we had some very nice visitors at the shop. A bunch of hot rods, from Stockholm on tour to Norway, rolled in at our place. Very nice cars on site and we all had a nice chat, We all had a fika on coffe from Kaffebönan, Dalecarlia Chocolate Horses and crispbread from Skedvi Bröd. All local produced. Mats took the visitors for a tour around the workshop and ofcourse in to the racing area. And everyone seemed happy and wanted to come back another time. You´re all most welcome back. This outlook we like more of here :)


Our guest, some old friends like Sussie and Hobbe, and some new.


Mats  was happy about this Ford. Especially the engine.


Of Course a tour in the sheet metal shop.


Lovely cars


and more lovely cars


And a visit in the raceshop.


One of Our nabours showed up as well. The very nice hot rod from Borlange Bil och Byggnads Glas.


It´s a lot to talk about when it comes to cars, and especial when it somes to Hot rods.


And of they went for new adventures. Thanks alot for the visit, it was a pleasure.

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