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Hockenheim disaster - for Green Goblin


Well, this was not a weekend to remember. Problem almost all the way, and then the rain eliminated Saturday racing. But congratulation to Johan Lindberg who took the win at Hockenheim. First time Old 51 visited the arena!


First qualifying round became a solo, as Johan Lindberg took too long time to stage. But there were also some starter issues as Mats had to be on starting RPM to long before activating the tree, and he wasn’t told he would be in a solo run. Probably some misunderstandings from the starter we presume. The Finish line was hard to see as it was a bit unclear in the color. Mats got a time at 7.34 on that and a broken burst panel. So back to the pit and fix that until next round a few hours later. That went a bit better with a 6.12 sec run. But with a broken burst panel again. Hard work during the night changing to the newer engine. Woke up on Saturday to a rainy day. Not a round was made. That was not good as Mats needed a test round with the new engine.


But not. During the rainy Saturday Russian Dragtimes came by and made an interview with Adam and Mats. What is supposed to be broadcast in Russian TV channels. So maybe we will see Mats racing in Russia next year. Who knows what is in the pipeline 2017.



Sunday delivered sun and the elimination could start. Mats had Jean Dulamon in first round and took that one with 6.01 sec/377,6 km/h. There was a light in the tunnel at that moment. Next up was Harteveld, who had a very good weekend. Mats had problems from the start and half-track he shut of the engine and rolled to the side. A connecting rod broke the oil pan and the block and coursed oil leak at the track. First time that happens to Mats.


The mood was not on top after that round, but after a while the guys decided to get the gears together and Adam are already on the way to Sweden to MMR with the heads. So now it´s busy busy times until next weekend when the big event at Tierp Arena is on. That’s drag racing peps. Never give up!!! See you at Tierp on Friday folks.


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