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FIA/FIM Main Event 2015


We´re back in Sweden again after a very exciting weekend at Santa Pod, England. This time we turned last  years experience in to something totaly different. Green Goblin was in a very good mood and did it very best on the track whole weekend. First round out on saturday Goblin took a 6.10 sec/376 km/h round wich was a good start. Next round was even better! A personal best time at 5.95 sec/392 km/h cheered the team up a lot. That kept Mats on the top of the ladder, until Micke Gullqvist, who was struggeling a bit on saturday, come up with a 5.88 round in the last qualifying round on sunday. But Team Green Goblin stayed as second qualified until eliminationday. There was some small setting problems during Sunday, but at Monday eliminations everything worked fine. 5-second runs all day thrue did take Mats to a win of the FIA/FIM Main Event this year. Now we have to do some updates on the car, so LG is now on the way to Adam Flamholc stright from the boat back from England. Then hurry back home to repack and then of to Tierp Arena in less then a week. See You there friends! :)


We had a new back-up girl this weekend. - Its good with new experience, said Nettan Heleander who we are use to see as Chief Starter at Tierp. She did a very good job at Santa Pod.


To have Adam Flamholc as a team member is a treat. He have so much knowledge that he now chare with us and we´re very lucky to have him as a friend. Next raceweekend at Tierp he´s going to be real bussy as he is racing his own Top Doorslammer car as well as crew chiefing his son Mattias in his Jr Dragster and teaming with us and . A very bussy weekend in other words :)


Tero Laukkanen from Finland managed to beet Micke Gullqvist in the semi an got the Finals vs Mats. But maybe he should´nt have had that icecream just berfore the start, he might have been a bit hoter. Unfortunaly he had some transmission problem so he did´nt get of the startline. Better luck next time. A good race is what we want.


But Mats did the fourth 5 sec run of the weekend in the final run.


Tero introduced the Finnish tradition to Santa Pod. Wetting the winner in water.


Two very happy drivers of the weekend. Anita also did a spectacular weekend with consistently 3.90 runs all weekend. So this is two of the happiest persons of the weekend, I guess.


A very satified and happy Crew Chief.


After sun comes...hard work. As we had a extra day at the track after the race weekend the guys decided to do some service on the car. And that was a good decision as there was some work to do on the engine. The updates will be done at MMR in Malmo just right away when LG landing in Sweden. Adam have kindly put other jobs aside to fix it all.

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