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European Finals Santa Pod, England.


After two years we went back to Santa Pod Raceway to meet our English supporters. This time with a new car on a new race track of concrete.


Two weeks ago we tested the new car at Tierp Arena, where we had ignition problems that we discovered when the blower belt broke in the elimination.


We thought we had corrected the failure for the European Finals at Santa pod last weekend. But instead, the error became worse and worse during the qualification. Where we still managed to qualify for 8th place with the time 6,15.


Just before the first elimination round, we even had problems to start up the car, but we managed to move on to the quarterfinals.


The ignition problem was difficult to detect as it only appeared when the engine was under load. After replacing the entire ignition system, the car started well again. And we got our fastest run this weekend against Roger Johansson whit a  6.03 and went on to the semifinal when Roger got tire shake.

With a functioning ignition system, we now had more power in the engine and we needed to make other adjustments to get faster, so for the semifinal we had to rebuilt the converter in the car. Unfortunately, we did not have time to rebuild the gearbox so the car pulled the wheels right of the start line, resulting in tire shake against Jan Ericssons 5.93 and we were game over.

We are happy that we have found our problems and we know that the car will go fast in the future. We have been low with power in the enginge due to the ignition problems but have been fast anyway on this two events that we have tested the new car.

Congratulations to Jimmy Åhlund and the Old 51 team who won the race and is also the ProMod  European Champion 2018.

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