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Eminent rally people in on site


Last week we had celebrities on site again. About 29 special award rally persons from Svenska Rallyförarklubben, (Swedish Rally Drivers Association). They were visiting Anders and Ingrid Johnsen at their company Tractive, who among other is making gearboxes for rally cars. The group took the opportunity to see something completely else in the motor sports. Recently Anders and Ingrid got to be members of this special association. 

-There are many prominent members in this club and we are proud to be invited to be two of them, says Anders.

"The this group consists of prominent and well known members in the rallying world, for example Åke “Bryggarn” Andersson, (in purple sweeter) one of Sweden’s most successful rally driver. Have taken many awards during his carrier. Another person to mention is Hans Thortzelius (in black jacket) who 1979 won the first rally World Championship together with Björn Waldegård in a Ford Escort RS 1800.

Jårs Damberg (gray shirt) is another person that have meant a lot to the rally world. He was the one that started the modern edition of Midnight Sun Rally.


Lotta Lundqvist is one of the females that have been in the top of the rallyelit. She´s still active and won a race at Gotland about a month ago together with Björn Adolfsson.


Olle Bromark was a factorydriver for SAAB together with Erik Carlsson “på taket”, the great rallydriver that last year sadly passed away. 

Arne "Jemba" Johansson is another special person. He has constructs the world’s most advanced trip meter “Coralba” that are used by professional rally drivers all over the world. He has also built a system for automatic generation of "notes" for rallydriving.

- Could be the most undiscovered software and electronic systems who is used all over the worls, but not in Sweden, says Anders.


The group of visitors got the story about how Mats started the dragracing carrier and how the company’s got to see the light. Lars-Göran told about the MERS and the drag racing part of today. A great honor to have these persons on site. 

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