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EDRS/SM at Malmo Raceway


After a weekend filled with action, the guys are now back from Malmo.The wether was hot and sunny, maybe to hot sometimes.

- We are very satisfied with this weekend, says Mats. We got the car running consistently all weekend, so now we are going to do some adjustments before next weekend at Tierp Arena.

- Micke Gullqvist did take the win from us on a holeshot, tells LG.  It was 0.03 sec differens on the finishline. But we had the faster time, Gullqvist at 4,00 and us at 3,98 sec.  Niclas Andersson did win over Ubbe Johansson in the first round. We are really happy with this weekend. 5 of 6 round is between 2.66 and 2.68sec on 330ft/100m.

We also hope Urban Johansson and Michael Gullqvist get the cars race ready for next weekend, after the crashes they went thru during the weekend at Tierp Arena. We are very lucky no one was hurt. It seems that there is going to be a few more bandaged cars rest of the season in our class. And a huge congratulation to Niclas Andersson that took the win this weekend.


1st elimination run vs Gullqvist.


The ladder.



Late night work.


The line up.


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