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Chimera - The future truck


Svempas builds for the future

Soon it's time for Svempas and Scania's new creation Chimera to hit the strip. Right now, the gang around the truck are out on the show tour around Europe. 

In early October, there was an opportunity to see one of the most prestigious projects ME Racing Service AB has been a part of. Laxa Special Vehicles' open house was the occasion for the appearance of Svempas Bergendahl and Scania's latest show truck, a real eye-catcher that is loaded with a monster power pack from Scania. A V8 engine with six turbochargers pumps out 1460 HP and takes the rig from 0-100 km / h of 4.6 to 5 seconds. Joining Svempas on the day to tell many curious members of the public about the creation were designer Jan Richter and truckdriver Theres Wandell. Theres will drive the truck when it makes its debut on the drag strip. But in the mean time, the Chimera will continue touring around Europe. 

Involved in the project are Laxa Special Vehicles, who developed the special bodywork and ME Racing AB, who built the roller cage. We build the a-arms and did get the front suspension on place. This construction holds the body and the roller cage. We did also put the engine, transmission and rear end on place.
- This was something totally new for us, says Lars Göran "LG" Eriksson. We basically got a free hand to develop with the correct strength and design for this purpose. It was fantastic fun to be a part of creating the future show truck that Chimera is.
Upcoming on the schedule Theres and her colleagues are travelling to Le Mans for a show and then continues on to Italy for further shows. Then it's off home again to Svempas for some fine-tuning. The team is planning to get out on the strip in August next year.


The Chimera is a real beauty.


Theres Wandell and LG Eriksson. LG was the first to drive the truck out of the MERS shop. Theres is the one that will run the Chimeran when it comes out in court. Right now she is the one who carries it around Europe on various displays and shows.


Some of the tubework LG have done.




Some of the brackets that´s  made at MERS


 A V8 engine with six turbochargers pumps.


LG is doing his best to control this vehicle. 1 state of the Chimera.


Chimera in the MERS shop, the body is on place. Engine is about to fit in to the chassis.


Roller cage where we did build the a-arms and got the front suspension on place.


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